//Webinar: Gender, agroforestry and climate change in Latin America

Webinar: Gender, agroforestry and climate change in Latin America

  • 06.07.2017
  • The International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Centre for Agroforestry Research (ICRAF), through the CGIAR Research Program in Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) organize the Webinar: Gender, agroforestry and climate change in Latin America, to be held next Wednesday, 23rd November, at 10:00 GMT -5 (Bogotá, Quito, Lima time).

    About the webinar

    Forest and tree management are key strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change with critical implications for the many and diverse populations that depend on forest resources for their livelihoods. Men and women face different challenges and opportunities in the face of climate change, due to the different roles and responsibilities of each gender. A perspective that takes into account the different forms of men and women interacting with forest and tree resources is important for the development of climate change interventions and policies that promote equitable benefit-sharing, employ innovative capacities of producers and, as a consequence, create positive, long-term effects of mitigation and adaptation. In addition, policies can anticipate risks and reverse inequities when they incorporate mechanisms that allow meaningful participation of marginalized groups in decision-making processes on their development and implementation.

    Latin America is at a critical juncture in which a number of influential governments and sectors are developing their National Adaptation Plans and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAP and NAMA, respectively). This webinar seeks to provide recent findings of empirical research on gender and agroforestry in Latin American countries, to decision makers from the agricultural and environmental sectors and professionals involved in rural development in Latin America, in order to promote the integration of gender in the formulation of policies and interventions.

    Specifically, the objectives of the webinar include:

    • Share new research from South and Central America on gender, agroforestry and climate change with decision makers and professionals in Latin America.
    • Discuss experiences and good practices for gender mainstreaming in the formulation of policies and interventions in agriculture, agroforestry and climate change.


    Sarah-Lan Mathez: Agroforestry for adaptation to climate change in the Andes: Designing inclusive options based on local knowledge.

    Tatiana Gumucio: Gender and small production of shade coffee in Nicaragua: Considerations for agroforestry and climate change interventions.

    Registrations To register for the webinar, contact Tatiana Gumucio at t.gumucio@cgiar.org.

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