//Ecuador: Beginning of the “Forests and sustainable development: vision 2030” Forum

Ecuador: Beginning of the “Forests and sustainable development: vision 2030” Forum

  • 20.03.2017
  • From 20th to 21st March, the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador will be holding the forum “Forests and sustainable development: vision 2030” on the occasion of the celebration of the International Forests Day.

    The event will take place in the facilities of the University of San Francisco of Quito and will have the participation of outstanding national and international exhibitors.

    The objective of the event is to provide an updated look at the different issues that Ecuador is developing in relation to the sustainable management of forests and the importance of having functional forests that provide different types of services to cities and rural communities.

    The topics will focus on five themes related to forest management, such as: sustainable forest management, environmental crime, forest monitoring, conservation, and forests and people.

    The Andean Forests Program and CONDESAN will be participating on the second day of the forum with the presentation “Dynamics of the montane forests of the Andes of Ecuador in scenarios of environmental change: monitoring relationships between forest biodiversity, banks and carbon flows in environmental gradients.”

    More information: www.ambiente.gob.ec