Apurímac: Presentation of the Bird Guide of the National Sanctuary of Ampay

On 29th March, the official presentation of the Bird Guide of the National Sanctuary of Ampay was carried out in the city of Abancay. The publication shows the ornithological diversity of this protected natural area and seeks to make the study of birds relevant in a context of climate change.

The event was attended by the head of Ampay National Sanctuary (SNA for its acronym in Spanish), Amílcar Osorio Marcés, who welcomed about 200 people who gathered in the Auditorium of the Regional Government of Apurímac.

foro ecuador

Ecuador: Beginning of the “Forests and sustainable development: vision 2030” Forum

From 20th to 21st March, the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador will be holding the forum “Forests and sustainable development: vision 2030” on the occasion of the celebration of the International Forests Day.

The event will take place in the facilities of the University of San Francisco of Quito and will have the participation of outstanding national and international exhibitors.

The objective of the event is to provide an updated look at the different issues that Ecuador is developing in relation to the sustainable management of forests and the importance of having functional forests that provide different types of services to cities and rural communities.


First meeting for restoration and rehabilitation of landscapes in Apurímac, Peru

From 7th to 10th March 7, the first coordination meeting of the technical team that was in charge of initiating the process of restoration and rehabilitation of landscapes in Apurímac, Peru, was held.

The technical team consisted of Héctor Cisneros, Program Coordinator of FAO Peru; Leoncio Ugarte Guerra, Director of Studies and Research of SERFOR; Francisco Medina, Regional Manager of Natural Resources of GORE Apurímac and Roberto Kometter, Advisor for Forest Practices Validation of the Andes Forest Program.


BanCO2 Metropolitan: A citizen action for conservation

The conference “The Andean Forests of Antioquia and Metropolitan BanCO2: Citizen Action for Conservation” was held in Medellín, Colombia on Thursday, 2nd March, in order to disseminate this metropolitan scheme of payments for environmental services.

Sebastián Gonzáles, a member of the Andean Forests Observatory team in Antioquia, opened the event with a talk on the role of Andean forests in people’s lives, how they are being affected by climate change and the alternatives that exist for their conservation.


Andean Forests and Probide join forces to organize the BioStartUp 2G



The Andean Forests Program and the Pro-Welfare and Development Association (Probide for its acronym in Spanish) signed today a cooperation agreement with the objective of joining efforts for the organization of the BioStartUp – 2G, with the theme “Giving Value to the Andean Forests” which will be launched in April 2017.

The BioStartUp is an initiative of USIL Ventures and partners that seeks to promote innovative ventures with a high socio-environmental impact through the incubation of sustainable businesses based on the biodiversity of Peru.


20×20 Initiative towards 20 million hectares of restored forests

From 28th February to 1st March, the second annual meeting of the 20×20 Initiative was held in the city of Cali in Colombia. The meeting aimed to propose concrete actions to achieve the goal of more than 20 million hectares of restored forests in Latin America by 2020.

The meeting had more than 100 participants from the public, private, academic and civil society sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean. In the case of Peru,


Call: Exchange of Learning on Adaptation for Latin America and the Caribbean

The UN on Environment, through the Global Adaptation Network (GAN), together with the Regional Gateway for Technology Transfer and Climate Change Action in Latin America and the Caribbean (REGATTA) seeks to connect professionals who work on adaptation with their counterparts elsewhere, so that they can learn from the experience of others. The initiative aims to improve knowledge and learning about adaptation to climate change between communities through a series of exchanges and is based on three premises:

  • The most useful knowledge for professionals is usually practical knowledge on how to address particular challenges of adaptation.
13 ministerios

Peru brings together 13 Ministries and Ceplan to tackle climate change

A High-Level Multisectoral Working Group (MWG) was set up to implement more than 100 adaptation and mitigation actions to address climate change.

The Minister of Environment, Elsa Galarza, led the installation of the High-Level Multisectoral Working Group (MWG) responsible for the implementation of more than 100 adaptation and mitigation actions to address climate change that, for the first time in the country, involves the coordinated work of 13 Ministries and the National Centre for Strategic Planning (Ceplan).

premiacion choco 2

Award ceremony of good practices for sustainable production and livelihoods

On 19th December, 2016, at the Nanegalito Information Centre, Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador, the workshop and award ceremony of the First Competition of Good Practices for Production and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Community of Chocó Andino was held.

The contest convened 27 sustainable practices distributed in the six parishes of the community in the categories: 1) sustainable agricultural production; 2) sustainable tourism operation; 3) conservation of forests and sustainable livelihoods; and 4) ideas for the establishment of a new sustainable production practice.


Specialists from Andean countries meet to get to know Chile’s National Climate Change Strategy

Nearly 100 specialists from Latin America are meeting in Chile from 16th to 21st January in a joint mission to learn more about the National Strategy for Climate Change and Vegetation Resources and the concrete experiences that the southern country is facilitating with local actors in the regions of Aysén and Los Ríos.

This visit has been organized by the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) within the framework of the recent approval of the National Strategy for Climate Change and Vegetation Resources (ENCCRV) and hopes to be a space for the exchange of experiences to support similar processes in the other countries of the Andean region.