//Award ceremony of good practices for sustainable production and livelihoods

Award ceremony of good practices for sustainable production and livelihoods

  • 24.01.2017
  • On 19th December, 2016, at the Nanegalito Information Centre, Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador, the workshop and award ceremony of the First Competition of Good Practices for Production and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Community of Chocó Andino was held.

    The contest convened 27 sustainable practices distributed in the six parishes of the community in the categories: 1) sustainable agricultural production; 2) sustainable tourism operation; 3) conservation of forests and sustainable livelihoods; and 4) ideas for the establishment of a new sustainable production practice.

    This contest was implemented within the framework of the Andean Forests Program, in coordination between Condesan, the Imaymana Foundation, the Yunguilla Microenterprise Corporation, the Environment Secretariat of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito and the Community of Chocó Andino.

    After a process of evaluating proposals and field visits, nine initiatives were selected as winners. These initiatives included experiences oriented to sustainable agricultural production, ecological tourism, the use of forest products and the promotion of associative efforts.

    The representatives of these initiatives highlighted the importance and the positive impacts that the funds, granted in the framework of the competition, could have in order to strengthen the activities in progress, emphasizing that the sustainability objectives would optimize the use of scarce resources.

    During the award ceremony, Washington Benalcazar, president of the Community of Chocó Andino, emphasized the importance of focusing on the objectives of sustainable development in the territory, especially in the context of a renewed emphasis on extractive activities such as mining that could compromise the natural heritage and cultural diversity of the community.

    In addition, Manuel Peralvo, from CONDESAN, highlighted the importance of the winning practices as witnesses to the viability of sustainable alternatives to traditional production systems, and the need to promote communication to a broader group of actors.

    See the list of winning initiatives here.

    Source: CONDESAN